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SALE BUNDLE: Winter Warmer bundle


We know the drill.... its Winter, motivation is running low and health is not on top of your 'to do list'. But thats ok, we don't judge. But we will help to give your health a little kick start, so we've made a special pack, just for you. 

5 pouches, 5 reasons to be healthy + 5 awesome new discoveries you may not have tried yet:

Morning: 'I Work Out' - in place of coffee

Mid Morning: Rehab (cleanse + detox)

Lunch: Peppemint, Lemon Myrtle & Lavender - aids digestion

Afternoon: I Am A Goddess - skin and beauty detox

After dinner: Dirty Dandy Chai - because, well yum

Only $100 with FREE postage, saving you $22.25

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