Little Wildling Co

Cleanse + Unwind Set (three teas plus a bath salts)


We all know that feeling when the body needs a little helping hand... maybe you're feeling bloated after eating too much or maybe its post holidays or celebrating too much. Or maybe, just maybe you're already functioning at 100% and this bundle is going to take you to the next level.

Rehab (Cleanse + Refresh) tea: a delicious blend with peppermint undertones. Perfect for after meals to help digestion.

I Am A Goddess tea: your ultimate skin detox and beauty tea. A crowd favorite (particularly with males believe it or not!

I Need A Moment tea: sip away and feel your worries fade with it! Perfect to have at the end of the day to reduce stress, calm that nervous system and help encourage sleep.

Cleanse + Refresh bath salts with magnesium chloride + botanical. Soak away the day, trust us your muscles will love you for it!

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