Your mental health toolkit for the holiday season

The holiday season can spark a lot of mixed feelings with more socialising, organising, entertaining and planning happening, which are all fun until the social batteries run out and we neglect to recharge them.

The extra pressure, expenses, obligations, consumption, indulging, and above all, the extra stress so often come with the territory.

So aside from making choices that align with self-care (like saying no sometimes), another way to help you stay grounded this year is a little ‘keep your cup full’ exercise to stick on the fridge and help you check in with yourself! Its Self-care planning at its best.

It’s a great tool If you are feeling overwhelmed, over stretched, or forgetting to put your oxygen mask on first.

It’s so easy in the moment of fight, flight, freeze to forget what you need to do so let this be your daily check in and make sure its somewhere you will see it because we all know we can’t pour from an empty cup.


Start with four columns with a heading for each: Love Cup, Soul Cup, Intellectual Cup, Physical Cup.


Underneath each of those, write the things that light you up, bring you joy, or you know make you feel more positive and calmer as reminder to go do it.

Some examples are:


Love Cup

Quality Time with friends and or loved ones device free

Give yourself a hug


Soul Cup

Time in nature

Meditation & mindfulness


Sipping herbal tea



Intellectual cup


Start a side hustle

Do a Short course


Physical cup


Cooking and eating a nourishing meal


Booking that physio or acupuncture appointment

Staying hydrated



Happy self-care planning!

Fill up your soul cup and check out the LWC tea range here: