Black Tea

Sometimes you just need a strong cup of black tea!! And we have 2 fine options for you!

English Breakfast: Let’s not beat around the bush, sometimes you just need a good strong cup of black tea with no strings attached. And that is exactly what you have here in your hot little hands. Organic, smooth, flavoursome, simple. But live a little, enjoy throughout the day and not just at breakfast.

Wild Mr (Earl) Grey is a little different, a little unexpected and just a little surprising, yet still holds you in that familiar, delicious way, always leaving you wanting more.

Thanks to its distinctive bergamot and secret ingredient (ok its Blue Cornflowers, but don’t tell anyone) this tea will have you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day in no time.

Ingredients: Organic Black tea, Bergamot and a sprinkle of Blue Cornflowers

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