Withania (Wtihania somnifera)

Withania or Ashwaganda as its otherwise referred to, has really gained a lot of attention lately and its likely to have made an appearance or two in your inbox or news feed. Its has been used for many centuries as traditional medicine in China and India to improve vitality and longevity.

Its main active constituents include Steroidal compounds (withanolides) including withaferin A and sitoinosides, and tropane-type alkaloids.

Withania is the less stimulating member of our wonderful adaptogen gang and has some well researched health benefits from modulating the stress response, its neuroprotective, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, treatment for iron-deficiency and also has an affinity to the thyroid.

In a nutshell, Withania is the one that’s going to tap you on the shoulder and tell you to chill when the stress levels go beyond a healthy level, but also making sure we don’t suffer the more severe long term effects that prolonged stress can have on the body.

Actions: Tonic, adaptogen, mild sedative, anti-inflammatory, immune modulating, anti-anaemic

Indications: Debility, emaciation, cachexia, anaemia, chronic immune deficiency, leukopenia, fatigue, physical stress, convalescence, failure to thrive, during chemotherapy or radiotherapy, improve physical performance, impotence, tonic for the elderly, insomnia, osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, post-viral syndromes.

Pregnancy / Breastfeeding safe: Yes.

Enjoy in blends:

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