Woman holding a tea mug
for the rule breakers
Woman drinking tea, reading a magazine
for the inspired
Woman making tea, sitting on counter
for the dreamers
Woman in modern outside tub drinking tea
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Organic, wild-grown herbal teas
I Work Out jar
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I Need A Moment jar
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Green Rose Gimlet

Green Rose Gimlet

Our latest girl crush(es) are sister duo from Teatini. These babes created cocktails using tea bases.


Literally two of our favourite things. 

So after you make yourself a Green Rose Gimlet, be sure to head on over to their website for more inspo...

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Julie Haslam, founder of The Downtime Agenda

Julie Haslam, founder of The Downtime Agenda

We're all about taking the time out to relax, that's why we are so in love with all things www.downtimeagenda.com - a place that aims to encourage and enable a greater appreciation of relaxation. Offering insights, products, stories and recommendations of ways to maximise time to yourself, helping to improve mental and physical health.

So sit down, pour yourself a tea and read all about founder Julie Haslam’s affection for being busy is equally matched by her fondness for not...

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Wild One: Lauren Glucina

Wild One: Lauren Glucina


Health Coach, Raw Chef, E book author and app developer, and student of Herbal Medicine Lauren Glucina left her stressful corporate career after ten years of late nights and pressure, starting on a healing journey to repair from all the damages caused by this stress.

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