We really didn't want to do this...

 Dear Little Wildling Co friends,

Firstly, we want to acknowledge and thank all of you for your continued support and putting your valuable trust in LWC as a business for all these years.

Although we have tried our best to keep our expenses low, our operating and raw ingredients costs have continued to rise due to factors beyond our control.

Since we started 8 years ago, we have been absorbing all price increases and on some products at a loss, to ensure we never compromised on the premium quality of our teas and powdered lattes.

Though it breaks our hearts as we know everyone is feeling the pinch, unfortunately we cannot continue to operate this way whilst maintaining the same quality.

This increase mostly affects our teabag range due to increased cost of materials and manufacturing equipment however, the loose-leaf range has mostly remained the same.

If costs are an issue, it might be time to dust off the tea strainer, take a few moments to make and enjoy one of our amazing loose-leaf teas.

We thank you for understanding and support.