Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora)

When our nervous systems just need a big warm squeeze, or the perfect herb to round out the restorative hatha yoga practice you just finished, that’s where our amazing Skullcap comes in.

We consider Skullcap to be our nervous system restorer, especially on those days where we have over done it and over activated our sympathetic responses.  We start heading into broken sleep territory and no one has time for that!

Skullcap like our lovely mint and rosemary is part of the Lamiacea family, and its key constituents include flavonoids (baicalin and scutellarin), diterpines, amino acids, and some essential oils, and has had notable outcomes in trials in reducing symptoms of anxiety and boosting mood via stimulating GABA.  The perfect chill zone herb.

Actions: Nervine tonic, mild sedative, spasmolytic.

Indications:  Excitability, irritability, emotional stress, anxiety, epilepsy, PMS, insomnia (especially for sleep maintenance), nervous fatigue, tension headache, neuralgia.

Pregnancy / Breastfeeding safe: Yes.

Enjoy in blends:



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