Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata)

This most intricate of flowers has an incredible history and was named after the crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ during the crucifixion due to the resemblance of the corona. Once introduced in Europe it became a traditional phytotheraputic & homeopathic remedy for the relief of mental stress, anxiety and sleep disorders.

This calming herb has been shown in research to have an affinity to GABA receptors (our cool, calm and collected neurotransmitters), so it is a good one to keep in the cupboard for those restless nights where our busy minds just won’t let up.

Think pre-bedtime warm bath, sleepy tea, maybe a face mask situation. That’s where Passiflora is your gal.

Actions: Anxiolytic, spasmolytic, mild sedative, hypnotic, anticonvulsant.

Indications:  Aid sleep onset or maintenance insomnia, anxiety, excitability, irritability, nervous tachycardia, tension headache, palpitations, aid in withdrawal from drug abuse, asthma, epilepsy, dysmenorrhea, trigeminal neuralgia.

Pregnancy / Breastfeeding safe: Avoid in pregnancy.

Enjoy in blends:



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