The importance of a healthy microbiome

While we are on the subject of brain health and mental health, it’s important to also have a basic understanding of the gut-brain connection and how the microbiome actually communicates directly with our brain via the enteric nervous system.

If we have any imbalances in bacteria (either too much of any strain or not enough) there will be an overgrowth of one or many strains of bacteria which can affect our focus, our mood, our energy, our immune system, and of course our digestion.

Some of the ways we can keep our microbiome in balance could be:

  1. Eat a variety of fibre rich fruit and vegetables (organic where possible). The fibre in plant foods a pre-biotic which is food for our “good” bacteria. Variety is also the key. Switch up what you buy each week and have fun trying a new recipe. Make sure to thoroughly wash everything as pesticides can also be detrimental to our microbiome.
  2. Something you may not think could impact your gut bacteria is chronic stress. Try some stress reducing habit stacking by adding a new technique in each week whether it’s a 5-minute belly breathing in the morning, or a relaxing meditation before bed, adding magnesium flakes to a bath, sipping a herbal tea it all adds up. Try I Need A Moment, Hibernate + Chill, or Botanical bath Salts to help you unwind.
  3. There are many natural anti-microbials in the form of our beloved herbs or even food (food is medicine!) like the humble Garlic. It’s the most studied and most powerful bad bug killer, cheap as chips and won’t wipe out the entire population of bacteria we need for a healthy immune system and our mental health. Unfortunately over use of anti-biotics can negatively impact the microbiome, so limit usage to only when absolutely necessary.
  4. Minimise ultra-processed, high sugar foods and focus on wholefoods to keep inflammation down and avoid feeding only the bad bugs.
  5. Probiotic foods are a great way to top up our bacteria and keep our tummy’s happy. Some of our favourites are sauerkraut and coconut kefir, and kombucha.


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