SLOW SUNDAYS // Simple strategies for looking after “future you”

We can all struggle with overwhelm and anxiety or struggle to switch off at night sometimes, so we compiled a few ways to set your future self-up for success:

  • Find a simple weekly planner, keep it somewhere in view and update it at the start of the week so you have a clear picture of what is coming up, and what are the priorities for the following week. Its less overwhelming than a never ending ‘TO DO’ list of what seems like a million things.
  • Re-prioritise: Pivot where you need to. If something doesn’t need immediate attention this week, move it to next week. This also just allows empty space just to do whatever it is you feel like doing, and that includes nothing at all.
  • Writing out meals for the week so that you are not scrambling for dinner ideas at 6pm and know exactly what ingredients you need to also minimise food wastage.
  • Prep a little on Sunday afternoon. It doesn’t need to be hours and hours of cooking ALL the meals for week. Just a couple of things to take the pressure off. Think about what time of day is your biggest struggle. Is it morning chaos or running on empty around dinner time? Maybe make a batch of overnight oats which will serve as breakfast for the week, and maybe wash and cut up veggie sticks for family snacks on the go, and maybe a big Bolognese with loads of veggies to throw in the freezer.
  • Listen to your body: Yes you booked in that HIIT class because you missed it time and time again. Maybe that’s a sign to just do some slow hatha or simply stretching especially if you are starting to feel tighter in the joints, hamstrings, and hips more than usual. We all know a tired body is just going to feel even more tired with over training.
  • Rain forecasted for the next week? Make sure you get outside in the sunshine and fresh air to top up for vitamin D stores and boost your immune system, mood and wellbeing.
  • Set your intentions, journal your manifestations, your positive affirmations, and be clear about what you need for yourself and where you are at, so you set yourself up for success whatever that looks like for you this week.
  • Make that appointment: It might be that remedial or acupuncture session you cancelled and forgot to re-book. Its good to have some self-care scheduled in and that way you have something to look forward to.
  • Plan that catch up: Connecting with friends is so important for our mental health and again gives you something to look forward to.


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