Best Little Wildling Co Teas for Stress + Sleep

No matter what’s going on in your world, we have a range of teas to support a healthy stress response and when sipped regularly can help restore balance and calm in the body.

Prolonged stress can cause many health issues and is the main underlying factor in so many chronic diseases. A little bit of stress once in a while is certainly not a bad thing, its when it is impacting us day in and day out that it starts to cause trouble.

Here is how Little Wildling Co can support you if you are feeling as though stress is getting the better of you these days:

  • Hibernate + Chill
    • Packed full of calming nervines such as Skullcap - our nervous system restorer which can help in times of emotional distress and anxiety, while Licorice helps to soothe the adrenals and rebalance the stress response. Chamomile can calm the nerves that cause digestive upsets, and Siberian ginseng can support the physical and mental impacts of stress.
  • I Need a Moment
    • A heavenly blend of medicinal herbs to lull you into a relaxed state, especially made for those times when you are physically exhausted but too wired to sleep. Perfect as you settle into bed with a good book or relax in the bath before bed. Lavender and Passionflower have sedative and hypnotic effects to get you into a deeply relaxed state, while Valerian and Chamomile soothes restlessness and anxiety which can keep us awake at night.
  • Alive + Energise
    • Meticulously thought-out blend of Western and Ayuvedic herbs to soothe your adrenals, reduce inflammation, improve cognitive function, and cerebral circulation, it’s a healthy replacement for your morning coffee which in stressful times can exacerbate the affects stress has on the body and can actually increase anxiety. Bacopa and Gingko biloba can help you focus, supporting our adrenals and healthy stress response with Licorice and Siberian ginseng, and keeping inflammation in check with Withania which also helps our bodies cope in stressful times.
  • Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle, Lavender
    • Keep this cooling and calming blend in your pantry for those times when you need something to settle the tummy, wind down after dinner time and even calm the nervous system through the day with Lavender which has been shown to reducing anxiety and ability to improve mood, and even help with spasm and reducing severity of a headache. This is a combination that really is a match made in heaven.


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