Tea Bag Collections

. We get it, sometimes you need to hustle a little bit quicker minus the tea strainer. We got your back... almost 2 years in the making to find THE most perfect eco friendly, biodegradable, no toxins, no plastic, staples or baddies tea bags. 
Made of plant material instead, these organic tea bags will be your new best friend.
Here's a hot tip, use that 1 tea bag for another brew shortly after to ensure no herbal goodness is wasted - and notice the different flavours that you may not have tasted before. 
You're welcome.
Get a box of 15 or go large with our wholesale refill large bag of 100 tea bags.


What you get:

6x jars each with 25 tea bags

Price: $130 for the 6 including postage 

English Breakfast

Wild Mr Earl Grey

Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle + Lavender

Jasmine Green tea, Mint + Rose

I Need A Moment

I Am A Goddess



What you get:

50 Lemongrass + Ginger tea bags, no strings attached, literally. Why have the unnecessary string + tag when you can just pop it straight in the compost after?

Why not get our large empty jar which can find in ‘accessories’ or here + email us which label you’d like to go with it hello@littlewildlingco.com 



What you get:

50 Peppermint tea bags, no strings.

Pair with our large empty jar which can find in ‘accessories’ + let us know which label you’d like to go with it hello@littlewildlingco.com 




Can’t decide which box to get? Get them all of course - with free postage cause we’re cool like that.


Quote of the week


“Making tea is a ritual that stops the world from falling in on you.”

  • Jonathan Stroud