Detoxing Naturally

Unfortunately, the word ‘detox’ is associated the many “quick fix” options out there with clever marketing and big advertising budgets that promote things like extreme calorie restriction.

What’s fab is that our bodies are already do this for us 24 hours a day, but what happens with our modern lifestyles, chronic stress, and poor diet choices over time is slow everything down due to being overloaded.

Toxic overload can feel a bit like recurring headaches, brain fog, low energy, constipation, or skin conditions like eczema. If these are symptoms that resonate then we strongly suggest working with a Naturopath to ensure a proper detox program is monitored and personalised based on where your health is at, and potentially support you further with herbs and supplements.

What you can do at home is start making small changes and support your natural channels of elimination which include:

Kidneys: Drinking lots of water through the day, add a little lemon if you like to flush waste via the kidneys.

Skin: Our biggest channel of elimination needs a lot of love and its one way we can give our lymphatic system (our body’s sewage system) some support with lymphatic massage, dry body brushing, avoiding anti-perspirant, and sweating (whether that’s exercise or Infrared sauna).

Liver & GIT: Bowel movements need to happen daily for waste to not be reabsorbed into the blood stream and recirculated. What to eat: Increase fibre intake with veggies and wholegrains, lots of brightly coloured organic fruit and vegetables for antioxidants with particular focus on the Brassica family to support Phase 2 detoxication in the liver, turmeric (Detox pathways in Liver), prioritise small wild caught fish to avoid high levels of mercury, organic eggs, poultry and grass-fed meat, to avoid added hormones, antibiotics, and sprayed feed.

What not to eat: It’s probably not what you want to hear, but if you can try to avoid for at least 2 weeks to a month things like caffeine, refined sugars, and processed foods. Try roasted dandelion coffee in the morning and try adding some herbal teas with detoxifying benefits such as Little Wilding Co – Rehab (Cleanse & Detox) into your day.

Lifestyle: Movement like stretching, yoga and meditation all helps with lymphatic drainage, improving circulation, lowering stress levels and clearing excess stress hormones from the body.