Natural ways to support hormone harmony

Hormone imbalances can be extremely problematic, and whilst individualised care via a health practitioner is essential to ensure a tailored approach is implemented, there are some things we can do at home on a daily basis to support our endocrine system and take charge of our overall health.

  • Drink lots of filtered water: Limit the amount of chemicals and halogens we consume while also flushing toxins from the body.
  • Exercise and daily movement to help clear excess stress hormones produced by our often-overworked adrenals.
  • Healthy fats are vital for the synthesis of hormones in the body and these can only be obtained in our diet.
  • Remove environmental toxins especially the ones applied directly to our bodies: Plastics, canned food and some chemicals used in skincare are called ‘endocrine disruptors’ and mimic our natural hormones causing chaos in the body. You can make gradual changes by replacing each product with a non-toxic variant once the old one runs out, ditching the bleach and making a simple cleaning solution with diluted vinegar and some orange essential oil, and replacing plastic containers and drink bottles with glass ones.
  • Ensure we include protein with every meal as amino acids are essential building blocks for hormones produced and secreted by our endocrine glands.
  • Prioritise certain foods when buying certified organic: Lets face it we are not all roiling in cash, and we don’t have acres of untouched land to grow all our fruit and veggies, so the top of the priority list when it comes to healthy hormones is buying certified organic animal products including dairy, eggs, poultry, red meat, and also focusing on the most heavily sprayed and most likely to absorb high amount of chemicals such as strawberries, celery, tomatoes, stone fruit, leafy greens such kale for example.
  • Liver support: This is important to clear excess oestrogens from the body, also avoiding alcohol as this puts extra pressure on the liver when it already has a mammoth job to do.
  • Eating Specific foods and herbs which support clearing toxins from our bloodstream, lymphatic system, and detox pathways in the liver such as:
    • St Marys Thistle
    • Turmeric
    • Nettle
    • Dandelion
    • Burdock
    • Red Clover

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