Our favourite herbs for pre or post workout recovery

Turmeric: Probably the number one herb to keep handy post workout as Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory and immune modulator which is important post HIIT or weights session because exercise puts a lot of strain on the body systems including the adrenals and immune system.

Yerba Mate: A powerhouse of antioxidants. Yerba Mate is mainly used for physical and cognitive performance with its slightly stimulating effects, but also may help to reduce inflammation as a result of these. A great one to include as a pre-workout.

Siberian ginseng: Another member of the adrenal loving club, Siberian Ginseng has a party trick - it also doubles as a cognitive performance enhancer. It can basically help you through physical and mental stress while minimising the impact on the body. It is an adaptogen with a more stimulating effect as opposed to its adapto-counterparts.

Withania: The less stimulating member of our wonderful adaptogen gang and has some well researched health benefits from modulating the stress response, its neuroprotective, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, treatment for iron-deficiency and also has an affinity to the thyroid. It’s a beautiful protector and keeps the cortisol levels under control due to its Adaptogenic action, whilst also promotes energy, and supports the impact of physical stress on the body.

Licorice: The ‘Sweet root’ of licorice is the adrenals best friend or what herbalists call ‘trophorestorative’ because its main indication was to treat adrenal disease. It’s also extremely anti-inflammatory and modulates the immune system. Just the thing after we have given our adrenals a thumping with that extra intense workout.

Ginkgo biloba: Amazing for circulation, and amazing for cardiovascular health – tick!

Another great addition to the pre-workout or if you need a 3pm pick me up or cramming for that exam. Ginkgo is an antioxidant, antiplatelet activating factor (Anti-PAF), circulatory stimulant, cognition enhancing, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective.

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