Summer Wellbeing Guide with Little Wildling Co Tea

We love that feeling in the air when season changes and the energy starts to pick up as we get into the festive season.

As with every seasons change its good to adapt our habits and lifestyles to stay in alignment.  As it heats up its nice to incorporate more cooling foods like nourishing smoothies for breakfast and fresh leafy salads with lots of colourful veggies and fruits.

Staying hydrated is even more important than ever, making sure we stay on top of it drinking plenty of water throughout the day especially if we are out in the sunshine, exercising, or heading out for the office Christmas party.

Longer days mean you can squeeze in extra movement like a sunset walk, and as we approach the end of year you might want to reflect and release anything that won’t serve you in the new year by journaling or meditating.

Here are some of the ways Little Wildling Co can help maintain our vitality this Summer…

  • Supporting your digestion especially if you overindulge a little:
    • Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle, Lavender
    • Green Tea mint + Rose
    • REHAB (Cleanse + Detox)
  • Cooling down in the heat and making some chilled teas to enjoy in the sunshine. Make a brew to pour over some ice, add some orange and lemon slices and voila:
    • Black (Berry) Heart
    • Green tea, Mint + Rose
  •  Give your liver and your skin some love during silly season:
    • Rehab (Cleanse + Detox)
    • I Am Golden Turmeric Latte
    • I Am A Goddess.
  • Power through the endless socialising and family gatherings with:
    • Alive + Energise
    • Wild Mr (Earl) Grey
    • Minty Matcha
    • Hibernate + Chill
  • Making rest a priority with:
    • I Need A Moment
    • Hibernate + Chill

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