Introducing S L O W // S U N D A Y S

Slowing down… something that everyone typically strives for in our overly busy and ‘full’ lives, yet a concept rarely anyone grasps or succeeds at.

But, until we take time for the moments in between all of that, are we living to our potential? Are we experiencing life for all we can or is it just shadowed by stress and a to do list that will never, ever, end?

How about we start to see success about the ability to work less and smarter, to trust that we can in fact work remotely and still get the job done, to say no to all the things that do not bring joy or gets you closer to your dream life.

Because it’s possible.

But what isn’t, is how a majority of us is currently living. 

Too connected but with little true connection.

Too stimulated (hello social media and Netfix binges) but with poor sleep to recover.

Running at full speed to try and fit more in.

What will happen when we slow down and by doing so, get us closer to where we want to be? Shall we all try on for size slow Sundays every week and step into Monday a tad more balanced and clearer? Because let’s be honest, we cant live life at a snail pace in this fast paced world and expect sh*t to get done, but we do need to balance it all out, don’t you think?

Chill on the coffee and make it one a day.

Chill on all things digital / electronics (TV, computers, phone) and get outside, catch up with friends or family. Go on a weekly adventure, start a new book – anything to fill that void.

Chill at home and declutter a little, pamper yourself a little.

Chill on the UberEats and cook something your body with thank you for.

Chill on the late nights and sleep.

Chill on anything you know is bringing you down and swap it with anything that fills that cup – surfing, gardening, holiday researching, window shopping – whatever, that is your thing.

Shall we try?