Little Wildling Co

Green Tea, Mint, Rose


Organic, Wild-grown Herbal Tea


Want the energy boost that green tea provides with a side of flavour and luxe? Then turn the kettle on my friend because you have found your Moroccan inspired blend!

INGREDIENTS: Jasmine Green Tea, Mint and Rose .

INSTRUCTIONS: water temperature is important for green tea. Too hot and the loveliness will soon turn to bitterness. Either pour the hot water into your tea pot/cup and let cool for 2-3 minutes then add the leaves (1 teaspoon per cup) or whip out your trusty thermometer and wait until the water temp reaches 79°C before pouring over the blend. Experiment with steeping time but we recommend a range between 2-4 minutes.


Need to quench your thirst? Why not make into ice tea instead?! Just double the quantity of tea and water, steep for 2 minutes and then pour over ice. Garnish with some fresh mint, high five yourself for being awesome, then enjoy!


Approx. 100g / pouch

Approx. 100g  / tin

Approx 250g / countertop tins

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