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Soothe + Soak BATH SALTS with Magnesium Chloride flakes + Organic Botanical Herbs


Soothe + Soak BATH SALTS with Magnesium Chloride flakes + Organic Botanical Herbs 600g

Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride flakes, Organic Chamomile Calendula + Lavender Herbs + essential oils to calms + relax

Combining the best of both worlds – organic botanical herbs with a little extra something something added (ok its Magnesium Chloride) for THE ultimate soak. 

If you’re thinking Chloride what? Without overstimulating your brain pre-relaxing… we’ll give you the need to knows. Firstly, these epic little salt flakes (magnesium chloride) are absorbed through the skin, safely increasing levels in your body. Meaning farewell to sore muscles +  joints + hello to calm nerves + reduced systemic bodily stresses. Want more? Head to to read more you greedy thing you!


Directions: Add a large handful into warm bath or muslin bag (to capture herbs at end), make yourself a cup of tea, grab a book and the let the additional healing benefits of the carefully selected Little Wildling Co botanical herbs and oils to relax. This is your time. 

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