Staples You Need

So you've tasted Little Wildling Co and agree its actually the best tasting tea on earth... while you could buy the whole range, why not start with a few pantry staples that will not only suit everyday drinking but will also impress visitors.

Green tea, Mint & Rose: some people love a green tea but all with LOVE this blend, thanks to the mint taking away some of the bitterness that can turn some people off. Great in the mornings or afternoon when you need a little pep up too thanks to the cheeky caffeine found in green tea.

Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle & Lavender: oh so smooth to drink and also a goodie to aid with your digestion post meals.

Wild Mr (Earl) Grey: if you think you've had Earl Grey before think again. With extra bergamot and blue cornflowers Wild Mr (Earl) Grey is a little unexpected and fast becoming a cult fave amongst tea lovers.


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