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I Need A Moment tea bags


Been saying yes more than you’ve been saying no lately? So stressed that you’re surprised you’re still functioning? Or maybe sleep is calling your name but you’re counting more sheep than zzzz’s? We’ve all been there. You need a moment. You also need a strong cup of this oh so calming blend of (valium in a pot) tea.

Ingredients: Organic Chamomile, Passionflower, Lavender, Hyssops, Valerian

* caffeine free

In this box contains 15 dam fine tea bags. Organic, bio-degradable, no glue, no toxins, no plastic, no baddies.

Or go large with our wholesale refill bag of 100.

Instructions: 1 bag to each cup of 90°C boiling water, infuse for at least 4+ minutes (the longer the better to help draw out all those medicinal properties). Don’t forget to take two deep breaths, tell yourself ‘you got this’ + enjoy.

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