AM to PM a day with Little Wildling Co

We came up with a little game plan to show you how you could incorporate Little Wildling Co tea into your day from morning to night and we think you will love!

6am - Alive & Energise

Time for your morning yoga or Pilates class! Starting the day with hydration instead of thumping your nervous system with caffeine at least for the first hour can do amazing things especially in times of adrenal depletion. Our cortisol is responsible for waking us up in the morning, if we start with a stimulant like caffeine first thing our body ends up relying on it to function. Alive & Energize with its meticulously thought-out blend of Western and Ayuvedic herbs can soothe your adrenals, reduce inflammation, improve cognitive function, concentration and cerebral circulation making it a healthy replacement for your morning coffee to feel awake and alert naturally.

8am - Minty Matcha or Wild Mr (Earl) Grey

Ready for your post breakky pick me up to get you into work or study mode. If you’re a traditional black tea fan Wild Mr (Earl) Grey is a little different, a little unexpected and just a little surprising, yet still holds you in that familiar, delicious way, always leaving you wanting more. We use organic black tea, bergamot and a sprinkle of Blue Cornflowers for that colour pop!
Or if you have made a switch to Matcha, we have sourced the best of the best organic ceremonial grade matcha powder. We also added a little peppermint powder which creates a uniqueness and helps balance out the bitter nature of matcha, while providing a revitalising but less overstimulating quality to help improve mental clarity.

10am - Dirty Dandi Chai

Morning tea time! Perfect time for a beautiful Chai and maybe a home made bliss ball to get you through to lunch. Little Wilding Co has a divine blend with a twist that sets it apart from the rest and is just a little bit spesh. Our blend is a perfectly balanced symphony of warming and medicinal spices such as Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Cardamon and Star Anise. We made this a caffeine-free zone by adding Dandelion root instead of black tea, which is amazing to support detoxification and skin health, and added a sprinkle of raw cacao powder for antioxidants and energy support.

1pm - Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle Lavender

You’ve made yourself the most fabulous insta worthy meal and sat down to a delicious healthy lunch, but maybe the day has taken a turn and you ate at your desk. It’s important to eat mindfully to be in a state of rest and digest however life isn’t always like that – we get it. Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle and Lavender is the perfect blend to settle any of those digestive upsets as well as soothing the mind.

2-3pm- Green Tea, Mint & Rose or I Am Golden

You made it this far and you’ve earned yourself a little afternoon treat. Whether it’s a little boost to smash through those last few emails or something to just aliven the senses these are great options for the 3pm slump. Try Green Tea, Mint, & Rose for those Revitalising Moroccan vibes. Ensure the water temp reaches 79°C before pouring over the blend. We recommend a range between 2-4 minutes for that sweet spot of flavour and strength.
Or I AM GOLDEN Turmeric Latte which packs a punch when it comes to the therapeutic qualities of anti-inflammatory herbs and spices see below how each ingredient supports the body to fight inflammation and boost overall wellness.

7pm- Black (Berry) Heart

After dinner treat anyone?
If there was ever a reason to get more antioxidants into your life I think that just about sums it up so why not warm up with Little Wildling Co’s very own antioxidant bomb – Black (Berry) Heart?
Its full of beautifully protective ingredients like Elderberry, hibiscus, Juniper and licorice and of course tastes amazing too as its naturally sweetened with a touch of stevia leaf.

9pm - I Need a Moment + Sooth & Soak Bath Salts

LWC has come up with a heavenly blend of medicinal herbs to lull you into a relaxed state. It’s especially made for those times when you are physically exhausted but too wired to sleep, when your head hits the pillow but the thoughts won’t stop.
Its the perfect wind down routine sleepy tea as you settle into bed with a good book or into a warm luxurious bath with our Sooth & Soak magnesium flakes. That’s a heck of a combination to have you sleeping like a baby in no time.