Glowing skin from within with Little Wildling Co Tea

Our skin is like the red flag for a lot of underlying issues, and unfortunately is usually the most difficult to resolve requiring the most patience, like all things to do with healing from within.

There are a few things skin needs the most to look and feel its best:

Number 1…. HYDRATION! If you’re not getting your 2Litres in a day now is the time to start waking up and drinking a full glass of water first thing, sip more herbal teas, drink green juices and smoothies and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Also important are antioxidants to scavenge for free radicals which cause cellular damage and ageing, Vitamin C for antioxidants and to naturally stimulate collagen production and ensuring proper elimination of waste and toxins.

Here is how Little Wildling Co uses the power of herbal medicine to help you glow with these amazing tea blends - You’re welcome:


There are many herbs with skin loving actions which Little Wilding Co. have carefully selected, and hand crafted into a heavenly blend – I AM A GODDESS with depuratives like Nettle to help escort toxins from the lymphatic system, healing herbs Calendula, liver supportive herbs Dandelion and St Marys Thistle, and Burdock which protects the skin matrix from tissue inflammation.

  1. Rehab (Cleanse + Detox)

Supporting our liver and our whole body in general is important as the liver already has a mammoth job to do.  Ontop of breaking down alcohol or environmental toxins which actually ends up taking priority over the regular functions it has to do, Its responsible for making several hormones, regulating our energy levels, helping our immune systems function properly, making bile so we can digest our food, producing and breaking down proteins, and the list goes on. Including herbs like Dandelion, St Marys Thistle, Licorice, Nettle and Burdock into your daily routine can be a beautiful way to support our detoxication pathways, and sipping on a little REHAB means hello hydration, clearer skin, better digestion, and a spring in your new ‘health goddess’ step.

  1. Black (Berry) Heart

One way to ensure you will age quicker than one would like to is not getting enough antioxidants in your diet. Eating lots of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables to hydrate and provide antioxidants (which are free radical scavengers that reduce ROS production) can help to provide this. The most important source of antioxidants is provided by nutrition and the most known systemic antioxidants are vitamin C (which naturally promotes collagen synthesis and repairs the moisture barrier), and berries are packed with the stuff!

If there was ever a reason to get more berries into your life I think that just about sums it up so why not warm up with Little Wildling Co’s very own antioxidant bomb – Black (Berry) Heart?

Its full of beautifully protective ingredients like Elderberry, hibiscus, Juniper and licorice and of course tastes amazing too as its naturally sweetened with a touch of stevia leaf.

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