Can you drink Little Wildling Co Tea if pregnant or breastfeeding?

The therapeutic actions of herbal tea consumed as an infusion are quite mild and very safe in small amounts, like with any foods.

It is always recommended you work with a practitioner when seeking out individualised advice on any medicines including the Herbal kind, because yes they are medicine!

So incase you had any doubts about whether to pour yourself a cup of tea, we have taken out the guess work when it comes to the Little Wildling Co tea range so you can feel good about sitting back and enjoying a brew:

Enjoy daily:

  • Alive + Energise – Caffeine free naturally energising blend
  • Dirty Dandi Chai – Made with warming and nourishing spices and a hint of cacao for magnesium and antioxidants
  • Hibernate + Chill – Soothing to the nervous system and adrenals for mummas who need that extra support
  • I Am Golden – Nourishing, warming and anti-inflammatory and great for post-partum

Consume with care:

Peppermint is ok to enjoy in pregnancy and it may help with any digestive upsets, however you may want to avoid large amounts if breastfeeding as the astringent effect of tannins may inhibit lactation.

Caffeine as always needs to stay under the safe daily range in pregnancy, so as long as you’re not consuming several cups of black or green tea, plus coffee and a choccy, you should be able to enjoy the below blends in rotation with other caffeine free teas:

Best to avoid in pregnancy and breastfeeding:

Even through most herbs are safe in small amounts, there are some which contain active constituents like volatile oils which are best to avoid as they are contraindicated:

  • Passionflower in I Need a Moment is a hypnotic which exerts a strong sedative effect, and Hyssops due to the essential oil content
  • Juniper in Black (Berry) Heart as it is contraindicated in pregnancy due to the volatile oils and also contains tannins which may affect milk supply.
  • Red Clover in I Am A Goddess due to the volatile oil content