Upgrade your daily self-care rituals for maximum vitality and longevity.

While we are on the topic of wellness trends for 2024, lets take a look at what’s in and what’s not and how you can incorporate a Little Wildling Co love into your long-term wellness and prevention plans.

  • In: Magnesium! As salt baths, foot spas, roll Ons, in your diet, and even as supplementation for those who’s demands are higher (as directed by a health professional. Support yourself with our Botanical Bath Salt range.



  • In: Optimising your natural detox pathways: Supporting your liver by eating lots of brassica vegetables, sipping herbal teas which contain Dandelion, St Marys Thistle, Burdock just to name a few, dry body brushing for lymphatic drainage and also herbs which keep the skin (our largest detoxification organ) clear and free from signs of congestion, drinking lots of filtered water to flush the kidneys. Support yourself with our Rehab (Cleanse+ Detox)


  • In: Daily movement of any kind: Slow nurturing Hatha or Yin yoga, 30-minute power walks, Pilates, and weight training for muscle strength and bone health. Support yourself with Alive + Energise.


  • Out: Daily HIIT on top of tired adrenals keeping us in a state of inflammation and high cortisol. Support yourself with Hibernate + Chill., and I Am Golden.


  • In: Natural energy boosters: Sunlight first thing in the morning, Matcha, cognitive enhancing herbs. Support yourself with Alive + Energise, Minty Matcha.


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