What is your skin trying to tell you?

Did you know that where blemishes are located can tell you a lot about what may be going on beneath the surface? Not all bumps are equal.
There is a little technique called face mapping that Naturopaths, Nutritionists and herbalists alike use that may give some insights into which body system may need some love:
  • Chin and jaw – Hormones
  • Cheeks and nose – digestion, lungs
  • Dry skin – Not enough omega 3, hormones, dehydration
  • Temples and forehead – Liver function
Ways to support the body in returning to homeostasis:
  • Increase filtered water intake and enjoy herbal teas
  • Regular dry body brushing
  • Gua Sha facial massage to assist lymphatic drainage
  • Herbs for hormone balance like Licorice, Peony and Red Clover.
  • Herbs to support natural detoxification like Burdock, St Marys Thistle, or Clivers.
  • Increase healthy fats: Fish oil, EVOO, wild salmon, avocado.
  • Chew lots, eat smaller meals, leave 2-3 hours in between meals.
  • Avoid inflammatory foods such as industrial seed and vegetable oils
  • Reduce stress: the body cannot break down food and extract nutrients if we are in fight flight, chronic stress also disrupts the delicate balance in hormones by increasing cortisol
  • Always see a qualified practitioner to guide you and investigate if there are any other potential underlying causes
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