Wellness Guide

It’s safe to say we’ve been hit with a massive double whammy once again where most of us find ourselves in a winter lockdown. If that isn’t enough to deal with, there are financial struggles, home schooling, and all that leads to stress and subsequent illness if we don’t exercise some self-care.

WE HEAR YOU. That’s not to say we can’t find ways to make the most of it. We have compiled some of our top tips to stay well in every sense of the word this Winter (and for however long we are cooped up for), and who knows with any luck you may just form some positive lifelong habits or bring a sense of calm and happiness even for a short while.

Either way, its so so important to look after ourselves now so we can be there for others too:

1. Vitamin D for mood and immunity- The “Sunshine vitamin” is important for proper immune function in both innate and adaptive immunity, as well as and also mood. Researchers found statistically people with low vitamin D were at much higher risk of depression. Find 15 mins in the middle of the day in Winter on exposed hands or feet, sundried mushrooms, oily fish such as wild salmon, mackeral, sardines.

2. Sip Herbal Tea – stay hydrated, be comforted, and benefit from the medicinal herbs. Try Little Wildling Co’s

3. Get Enough Sleep – 7-8 hours of sleep overnight is what most of us need to feel refreshed the next day, but also its important we get that restorative sleep for our immune function and mental wellbeing.

4. Eat lots of slow cooked veggie packed stews and soups – Not only does it make a convenient way to prepare a meal ahead of time, but its also amazingly comforting, and nourishing. Slow cooking makes the food more digestible and easier for nutrients to be absorbed in the gut, and you can throw as many antioxidant rich veggies and warming antimicrobial aromatics like ginger and garlic in as you want, not to mention bone broth to make it extra
nutrient dense.

5. Load up on seasonal Vitamin C Foods – Brassicas like kale, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts, fresh berries, citrus fruit like oranges, tomatoes, red and green capsicum, and kiwi fruit. Did we mention BLACK (BERRY) HEART tea which is loaded with the good stuff?

6. Echinacea for prevention – Echinacea is an immune modulating plant used in Western Herbal medicine has shown to have consistent results in trials in the prevention of colds. The quality of the supplement or tincture does make a difference so always work with a qualified practitioner.

7. Probiotics may help with immune modulation. As 80% of our immune system lies within our gut wall, its no wonder these little friends can help us out. They restore the natural balance of gut flora and prevent the proliferation of bad bacteria which an imbalance can lead to digestive issues, food sensitivities and other inflammatory conditions. Probiotics do this by promoting IgA, T-Lymphocytes and natural killer cells which help protect us against infections. Eating naturally fermented foods is a great way to benefit from probiotics such as plain yogurt, kraut, and kefir.

8. Look after your mental health and take a break from social media and watching the news.

9. Keep moving with low impact exercise - Virtual yoga or Pilates, stretching, put on some music and dance around the room! It all helps clear excess cortisol, boosts immunity and endorphins to keep you feeling good on the inside.

10. Take up a new thing – It helps to have an outlet in times like these so start a side gig, start an online course, start journaling, start a new book, start meditating, start a new skin care regime, you get the idea.

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