Zoom cocktail hour on repeat? 5 tips on how to bounce back from that extra lockdown tipple.

It sounds like a good idea at the time and hey, whatever you need to do to maintain some sanity right now is alright with me! But we do need to be mindful that your body may be silently screaming at you for some reprieve.

Some things we can do to support our livers and our whole body in general (aside from reigning it in a smidge) are:

  1. Extra Liver Support:

Our livers have a mammoth job to do not just breaking down toxins like alcohol or environmental toxins, but its responsible for making several hormones, regulating our energy levels, helping our immune systems function properly, making bile so we can digest our food, produces and breaks down proteins, you get the idea. Its our largest organ and our most clever one too as it’s the only one that can regenerate itself. That’s not to say that it can take a lot of punishment forever, and the list of potential liver diseases from excessive drinking is a scary one. We can support our livers detoxification pathways by eating brassica vegetables such as broccoli, broccoli sprouts and kale, Turmeric is also known to enhance detoxification pathways, Green Tea for its antioxidants, and of course our lovely St Marys Thistle which is our Hepato-restorative and protective herb.

  1. Hydrate: Sometimes water just isn’t going to cut it, so try some cold pressed juices or sip on some herbal teas to counter the diuretic effects of alcohol.
  2. Re-balance electrolytes: Bone Broth is a great way to replenish a lot of lost nutrients and get some much-needed sodium back into your system whilst also soothing the gut wall.
  3. Address the GIT inflammation: Turmeric, Chamomile and Marshmallow are all amazing herbs for gastrointestinal inflammation and alcohol can be extremely irritating to the gut lining and cause a lot of damage (the result is often nausea and vomiting – yuk).
  4. Replenish nutrients depleted by alcohol: I know the first thing you want to do is reach for that bacon and egg roll with extra BBQ sauce, but if you can stomach it try to prioritise nutrient dense, antioxidant rich foods and drinks to support your nutrient status and subsequently your livers detox pathways you’ll be on track to feeling like yourself again much quicker. Try something refreshing like a smoothie bowl topped with lots of fresh fruit, nut butter and granola!

Drink yourself well with these LWC Teas:










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