Earth Day

Earth Day is a reminder that every little choice we make day in and day out has an impact on our planets future.

Even a small action is a move in the right direction because when there are millions of people making a small sustainable choice or action, that all adds up to a big shift in a positive direction.

We can only do what is in our power and we need not feel guilty about not doing enough or feel helpless because the scope of what lies ahead feels too big.

Some of the small yet powerful ways we can implement change are choosing our produce from sustainable farms, shop for recycled products, avoid plastics, educate our little people to be environmentally literate, even sipping tea can have a positive impact.

Your choice to drink Little Wildling Co tea is a choice for positive change as you will be supporting a certified B Corp company meaning we are accountable for meeting the highest possible standards of social and environmental responsibility, including who we choose to partner with all the way down the line.

Other reasons why supporting Little Wildling Co is a sustainable choice are:

  • We go carbon neutral by using Sendle for all shipping
  • Our parcels and packaging are plastic free and we also upcycle boxes to send out deliveries.
  • We use plastic free, water activated tape which can also be recycled.
  • We use Geami Brown Kraft Paper to wrap our glass jars to prevent breakages whilst in transit
  • We have biodegradable inserts for our organic tea blends, which has the look and feel of plastic minus the damage to the environment.
  • Our loose-leaf teas are free from chemicals, organic and therefore compostable.
  • Our tea bags are made from bio-degradable compostable solion mesh.
  • Little Wildling co refill bags can be placed in RedCycle bins at your local Coles or Woollies. RedCycle is a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastics
  • Last but not least we are partnered with i=change to align with our brand values give our consumers a choice to make a purposeful purchase. By supporting us as a business you can also make a conscious choice to support any of our 3 x chosen life-changing charities where we will donate $1 on your behalf with trackable impact:
    • Empower with literacy:Stop our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from falling through the cracks of education and unlock the endless possibilities literacy can give. See more here
    • Clean the Sea: Help remove hundreds of thousands of litres of plastic from the ocean every day. See more here
    • Restore the land:Assist the plantation of 500 million tress and shrubs which will absorb over 1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

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