Have yourself a sustainable Merry Christmas this year

As we approach the big day and start preparations for the festivities that come with it, it’s a good time to think about making some conscious changes to ensure we make Christmas more planet friendly, without minimising the fun factor.

Consumerism sky rockets this time of year so making mindful shopping choices and considering simple replacements for things like wrapping paper and traditional Christmas lights will help you host a fun but green Christmas:

  1. Switch to solar powered fairy lights to reduce our footprint and energy consumption.
  2. Ditch the plastic tree. You can rent a tree, or opt for a real Christmas tree from a local farm, buy a wooden Christmas for the minimal scandi look, or try a decorative wall hanging tree.
  3. Buy quality over quantity! Aim for gifts that last, anything that’s handmade and local. Indoor plants are a great option, or get the kids involved and bake some homemade cookies for the grandparents. Secret Santa if you have a big family or friend group is a great way to cut down on the waste and give someone something they really want rather than buying 10 small things for the sake of giving something and it most likely ending up in landfill shortly after.
  4. Give someone the gift of an experience, or a donation of one’s behalf to their very special charity. An invaluable present idea that also gives back.
  5. Opt for sustainable wrapping/packaging made from recycled paper.
  6. Avoid single use plastics: Choose items which don’t come in plastic packaging and then wrapped in plastic again.
  7. Support a sustainable small business such as Little Wildling Co to ensure you make a green gift giving choice. Shop the range here for all your earth friendly stocking stuffers: https://www.littlewildlingco.com/collections/all
  1. Shop for products made from recycled/recyclable materials.
  2. If you’re the host go for sustainable crackers to decorate the table that aren’t filled with tiny plastic items.
  3. Go thrifting for tree decorations: Think vintage vibes while contributing to the circular economy.
  4. Send Christmas e-cards this year or buy plant-able cards for the gift that keeps on giving.
  5. Opt for a more plant-based spread on the table and prioritise local and seasonable produce.
  6. Do your food shop at the farmers market and bulk wholefoods stores to cut back on packaging.


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