Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Give the gift of relaxation this Mother’s Day with a heavenly magnesium salt bath + Sleepy time tea, the perfect way to calm everything down before bed for a restorative night sleep.

Little Wildling Co incorporates the benefits of those dreamy herbal blends to take your relaxing bath to the ultimate “me time”:

  • SOOTHE + SOAK - Chamomile, Calendula and Lavender to calm, heal and restore.
  • CLEANSE + REFRESH with Mint, Dandelion and Rose to invigorate and refresh.

Once you have our beautiful black jars perched on your windowsill, all you need to do is refill them as needed to keep that self-care routine going.

Add a large handful into warm bath or muslin bag (to capture the herbs), make yourself a cup of I NEED A MOMENT tea, grab a book and the let the additional healing benefits of the carefully selected Little Wildling Co botanical herbs and oils to relax. This is your time. 


Sampler Tins are being phased out - GET IN QUICK!

We have made the decision to discontinue our stunning sampler tins, and we only have a limited number available before they’re gone for good!

This is your last chance to get hands on them just in time for Mothers day!

 "We Are The Dreamers":

  • Minty Matcha
  • Hibernate & Chill
  • I Work Out
  • I am a Goddess
  • Wild Mr (Earl) Grey
  • Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle, and Lavender


 "We Are The Wild Ones"

  • I Am Golden
  • Dirty Dandy Chai
  • Green Tea, Mint & Rose
  • I Need a Moment
  • Rehab (cleanse & detox)
  • English Breakfast


Give the gift of health or stock up on your favourites with our Jar Bundles:

Bundle 1: I Am A Goddess, I Need A Moment, Dirty Dandi Chai, Tea Strainer (Typically $176.95, saving you $26.95)

Bundle 2: Green Tea, Mint + Rose, English Breakfast, Wild Mr (Earl) Grey, Tea Strainer (Typically $171.95, saving you $21.95)

Bundle 3: I Need A Moment, Jasmine Green Tea, Mint + Rose, Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle Lavender, Tea strainer (Typically $147.95 save $12.95)

Bundle 4: Hibernate + Chill, I Need a Moment, Tea Strainer (Save $16.95)

Bundle 5: I Am A Goddess, Rehab (Cleanse + Detox), Tea Strainer (Save $9.95)

Bundle 6: Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle, Lavender, Wild Mr (Earl) Grey, English Breakfast.​​​​​​, Tea Strainer (Typically $155.95, saving you $25.95).

We also offer afterpay, and all Jar Bundles come with our beautiful, embossed tea strainer:


We want your feedback


Little Wildling Co has been listening and our packaging is getting a mini facelift, but first we want your help.

What do you want to see added or changed about our packaging? Is it more detail about each blend?

What each blend is designed to help with?

Or maybe an idea about the flavour?

Share your feedback to and we will give you a 10% discount code.