Resetting your gut health this year

The father of modern medicine Hippocrates said it himself “All Disease Begins in the Gut”, so if we should be prioritising anything to do with our health right now it would be our gut health.

If we don’t look after our gut, unfortunately down the track it can lead to numerous health pathologies due to the intrinsic link it has to other body systems and the systemic inflammatory disease states it can cause if it remains in bad shape for too long.

Some of the red flags that may indicate the need to do a gut healing protocol are:

  • Weakened immune system and recurrent illness.
  • Multiple food sensitivities
  • Skin conditions like eczema
  • Brain fog and poor mood
  • Digestive issues
  • Hormone imbalances


Ensuring we have a greater diversity of beneficial bacteria in our microbiome is key to good gut health and overall health. Everything we consume is either helping our microbiome or harming it. On the flipside, we could be starving our good gut bugs and allowing the not so friendly ones to take over and have a party.

Over consumption of sugars including alcohol, simple carbohydrates, refined sugar, seed oils from ultra-processed food are the top offenders when it comes to poor gut diversity. You want to avoid deep fried food, anything with added refined sugars, and trans fats in particular those commercially baked cakes and cookies.

Making sure we eat a high fibre rainbow of different fruits and vegetables and of course fermented foods like yoghurt, kombucha, Kraut, Miso, Tempeh, kefir which provide probiotics can help restore balance.

The addition of healthy fats and complex carbohydrates are going to help feed your good bacteria to keep you satisfied for longer, balance your blood sugar and feed your brain at the same time. Try to include some legumes, wholegrains, nuts and seeds, and avocados in your weekly rotation.

And let’s not forget the many beautiful herbs which can help restore gut health along side tweaking diet and lifestyle. Check out this blog in case you missed it:

If you are experiencing signs of poor gut health, its always best to work with the guidance of a qualified practitioner.


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