Supporting yourself through the fourth trimester

Practicing self-care during this time is so important and still often overlooked when the priority suddenly shifts gears. It’s so important to remember to ‘put your oxygen mask on first’ so we can avoid post-natal depletion and ensure we can look after the new family as best as we can.

Nourishing with the right foods and plenty of it is at the very top of that list, so enlisting anyone who can cook for you is a lifesaver or signing up for any of the growing number of prepared meal delivery services that are available now is worth the investment.

The body during this time needs so much extra love and attention and when choosing what to consume there should be particular focus on:

  • Healing
  • Nourishing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Lactation support
  • Warming
  • Calming for nervous system and adrenals
  • Immune boosting

Little Wildling Co can add additional support with these beautiful blends:

I AM GOLDEN: Warm nourishing spices with healing, anti-inflammatory and immune modulating properties.

ALIVE + ENERGISE: Herbs to support cognitive function, anti-inflammatory, liver support, and calm the adrenals.


Caffeine free nourishing and comforting blend of spices to support healthy lactation, blood sugar balance, proper circulation and digestion, and cacao for anti-oxidants and magnesium.

HIBERNATE + CHILL: Calming the stress response and nervous system, mood support, and anti-inflammatory properties.

You’ve got this mumma!