Did you know that LWC packaging is 100% recyclable?

Did you know that LWC packaging is 100% recyclable?

At Little Wilding Co., we know that starting a consumer driven business meant potentially adding to amount of waste in circulation. Therefore, we made it our mission from the very beginning to ensure every business decision we made was a conscious one and had minimal impact on the environment.

So we did a thing or two to live up to that business ethos:

  • Reducing the overall amount of packaging materials used (which we are constantly reviewing to see where we can further reduce)
  • Using recyclable and upcycled boxes to send out orders
  • Recyclable plastic free water activated packing tape, and Geami kraft paper roll to secure items inside
  • Biodegradable plant fibre inserts for loose teas and compostable solion tea bags
  • Recyclable and reusable glass Jars
  • Recyclable refill pouches which can go into the soft plastics red bins at your local supermarket

Learn more about LWC sustainable practices here https://www.littlewildlingco.com/blogs/news/sustainability


View the range of 100% organic, and sustainable teas here https://www.littlewildlingco.com/collections/all


With that in mind its almost National Recycling Week and an important reminder that every little step we take towards reducing waste, as well as closing the recycling loop by purchasing recycled products makes a huge impact, even if it doesn’t feel like it does.

Its totally understandable that there may be some doubts as to whether your efforts are being fulfilled on the other side, and easy to feel a bit helpless and overwhelmed at the current state of our planet.

But rest assured, it ALL counts when each and every one of us makes a small and seemingly insignificant CHOICE each day, that all adds up!

Here are some tips to make you feel good about doing your part, so when you are sorting out what is going into the kerbside recycling bins each week and ensuring your efforts are being fulfilled on the other end, you can feel more confident that its making an impact no matter how insignificant it may seem:

  • Pay close attention to the recycling labels on the packaging – sometimes the type of container or packaging is not 100% recyclable so you may need to remove the lid and dispose in the waste bin, or remove plastic tape from boxes before you breakdown for the kerbside bin for example.
  • Make shopping lists, and only buy what you need.
  • Close the loop by purchasing products made from recycled materials such as toilet roll, printer paper etc.
  • Choose to support brands with conscious and sustainable practices (like Little Wildling Co!)
  • Avoid single use products and over packaged items.
  • Instead of heading out and replacing a broken item, try to repair, buy second hand or swap at an online a marketplace.
  • Take your old electronics to eWaste drop off points so they don’t end up in landfill.
  • Try reusable nappies, or if that’s just not your bag choose brands which focus on non-toxic, plant-based materials like TOMco. Tooshies who are also BCorp certified.
  • Printer cartridges can be recycled at Cartridges 4 Planet Ark drop off locations.
  • Keep food waste out of landfill – Try a home compost system and it doesn’t have to take up a lot of space, and plan out your weekly shop so you don’t over buy. Rotting organic material in landfill actually starts to produce greenhouse gas emissions!
  • As a general rule of thumb, try to reduce and reuse first, THEN recycle.